Thursday, November 17, 2016

How Much Casino Courses Are Costly?

Before getting enrolled with any casino school, two questions are frequently asked by everyone, first which casino school provides quality of education and another one is how much casino courses costs. In Las Vegas city dealer courses of different schools may different, but in general the pricing range listed here, blackjack ($250 - $400), baccarat ($250 - $350), roulette ($250 - $350) and craps ($300 - $450). Now I am going to share my training experience and pricing information of dealer courses. Before started my training, I was very confused to choose the right school and then a gentlemen suggested me to join CEG Dealer School, and one question I asked to him that why I join CEG Dealer School then he said to me that CEG is leading academy and it has a team of highly expert instructors and provides quality of education, and it provides a productive and friendly classroom environment. And the best thing about CEG is it provides flexibility in hours, which mean you can go any time during its working hours. 

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